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How Much is an HOUR of YOUR TIME Worth?

Posted in WHY hire a housecleaning service by Michele Peterson on March 10, 2010
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Here’s some food for thought … How much is an hour of YOUR TIME worth to you?

Some people who work for an hourly wage may use that as an indication of what their time is worth. Or if you provide a professional service — attorney, accountant, etc. — you may consider your hourly fee to be what your time is worth. But think about it, that’s what your time is worth to your employer or your clients! What is your personal time worth? TO YOU!

Would you spend $50 to gain an extra hour of personal time? $100? $200?

What would you spend to gain four hours? Six hours? Eight?

The beauty of hiring someone to “do your dirty work” is twofold: not only do you not have to do it, but you also gain extra personal time to do something else! A win-win!

So to put this into perspective, let’s consider an average Mini Mops, Inc. client … 

They hire Mini Mops, Inc. to clean their house. They have us come once a month for an hour and a half. Since Mini Mops sends in a crew of four workers, that’s the equivalent of SIX hours that they don’t have to spend cleaning their own house — SIX hours that they have gained to do something else that they love!

Or consider the client who hires Mini Mops, Inc. to come every other week for just an hour each time. That’s EIGHT hours of personal time each month that they have received … on top of a clean house in which to enjoy that extra time!

At our current hourly rate of $125, the client who hired Mini Mops for an hour and a half paid just $187.50 for her clean house and six extra hours of personal time. The other hypothetical client paid $250 for a clean house and eight extra hours of personal time.

So it all comes down to this …

First, do you want some extra personal time?

Second, what would you pay to get it?

Third, what are you waiting for?

Contact Mini Mops, Inc. NOW to become a client and reclaim your own extra personal time! E-mail us at or call us at (559) 264-6677 during office hours.

And be sure to visit our website for more information about Mini Mops, Inc.

**Sorry — if you live out of our service area (Fresno, CA and surrounding areas), you will have to do a bit of research and find a quality house cleaning service in your own area!


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