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18 House Cleaning Gifts Mom Will Appreciate for Mother’s Day

Posted in Holidays,Professional house cleaning by Michele Peterson on May 6, 2013
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Mother’s Day gifts can put people in a panic …

What can I get Mom that will be meaningful? That she’ll like? That she doesn’t already have?

We understand the dilemma! So to help, we’ve put together a list of ideas. Some are appropriate for even young children, while some are geared strictly to adults. Here’s our list, in no particular order:

1 – Vacuum the house
2 – Clean the water spots and toothpaste splatter off the bathroom mirror
3 – Clean all the toilets
4 – Polish the kitchen and bathroom faucets
5 – Dust the pictures on the walls
6 – Wash the woodwork (doors, baseboards, window sills, etc.)
7 – Wash the windows
8 – Scrub the kitchen floor
9 – Clean the oven
10 – Make the beds
11 – Fluff the throw pillows
12 – Clean and vacuum under the beds
13 – Dust the ceiling fans
14 – Wash light fixtures
15 – Dust blinds or shutters
16 – Vacuum drapes or valances
17 – Clean the outside of the front door

You can do any or all of these things yourself, of course. But another option — one that we can help you with — is to give Mom a gift certificate for professional house cleaning.

18 – Give her a Mini Mops gift certificate to have it all done professionally

But even beyond the gift you give her, we hope that you’ll make Mom’s special day one that’s full of happy memories that she will treasure forever.

And remember …

“God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.” ~Jewish Proverb

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Say “Bah Humbug” to Unrealistic Expectations

Posted in Holidays by Michele Peterson on December 20, 2012

stressed woman wearing a christmas hat

We’ve all been there …

Frantic to pick up every last bit of clutter … to remove every speck of dust … to make the setting “perfect” before holiday guests arrive — we often become so worked up that it’s difficult to relax and enjoy the holiday and our guests.

Our “perfect” holiday gathering loses the very perfection that we’ve strived for because we end up too stressed to be fully present, and we’re unable to appreciate the festivities that we’ve created.

Sound familiar?

This year, I’m throwing expectations of the “perfect” holiday setting out the window. Want to join me? Here’s how …

1. Set some priorities.
What’s most important to you? Isn’t enjoying your time together more important than impressing your friends and family with a perfectly clean and tidy house? For me, and for most of the people I know, the answer is “yes.” For most of us, if we dig deep enough and get past our own ego, the PEOPLE are the most important part of the holidays. If we’re being honest, we can admit that it just doesn’t matter if our homes are “perfect.” So we can stop beating ourselves up trying to make them be.

2. Accept that you’re not going to please everyone.
Do you know someone who always complains about something? Someone who seems to be happy only when there’s something he or she can point out that you could be doing better? Who delights in pointing out the picture on the wall that isn’t hanging perfectly straight? For many married folks, this is a mother-in-law. Maybe it’s an out-of-town aunt. This year, for your own sanity, let it be OK that they make whatever comments they’re going to make. See what happens if you simply say, “You know, you might be right!” and then change the subject without belaboring a topic of contention.

3. Know that “good enough” really is, well, good enough.
Sometimes we’re much more critical of ourselves than even the fussiest in-law or relative is. In the grand scheme of things, will it matter that there were smudges on your sliding glass door? Or water spots on your bathroom mirror? Sure, people may notice, but do you think they really care? And even if they do, should they? Should you?

4. Recognize that other people’s issues are THEIRS, and are not a reflection on you.
The aunt that always finds fault has her own issues to deal with. Ask yourself, “What is making her so unhappy that she has to be critical and judgmental of others?” Does this make you put her comments in perspective? Maybe see them in a different light? What’s really behind the comments from your in-laws? These issues really are THEIRS. We don’t have to make them OURS!

Now, I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t clean your house for the holidays before company comes over. Of course, you should! I AM suggesting that you not make yourself stressed out over it.

If you hire a professional house cleaning service to clean your house, and they cleaned it a week before your gathering, that’s probably good enough!

Sure, there may be water spots that have appeared on your bathroom mirror during the week since they cleaned. There may be a smudge on the sliding glass door, or traces of dirt on the floor. The pictures on your wall might be a bit askew …

You’ve been LIVING there, after all! Remember that most people who are gathering at your home during the holidays are coming to see YOU, not your house.

Enjoy them this year! I plan to!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Leave me a comment below.

Mini Mops, Inc. is a professional house cleaning company serving residential and commercial clients in the Fresno-Clovis CA area since 1975. They are currently accepting new clients. Please visit their website for more information:

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