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How to Clean House Fast Like a Professional

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Have you ever noticed how fast a professional house cleaning service works? How quickly they can get the job done?

Ever wondered how they do it?

1 – There’s no procrastination. They are there to do a job. They do it.

2 – There’s no distraction. They don’t stop to answer the phone, play with the dog, get a drink for the child, etc. They focus on the task at hand and simply do the job they are there to do.

3 – They have the proper supplies and equipment. Most professional house cleaners have a supply/tool kit that they keep stocked with the cleaning supplies and equipment they will need. The kits can be specific to the room or task – kitchen, bathrooms, dusting – but the main thing is that they keep the cleaning supplies and equipment within easy reach. This eliminates the need to go back and forth fetching what you need, which can save a lot of time.

4 – They have a system. They know exactly how they are going to approach each room for maximum efficiency. They don’t have to stop to figure it out, they have the experience to just know. For those that don’t have that experience, having a checklist of tasks to do can help you stay on track.

If you utilize these four strategies, you, too, can clean your house fast like a professional.

Just one note of caution: you never want to go so fast that you compromise the quality of your work. The house actually needs to be CLEAN when you’re done!

Mini Mops, Inc. is a professional house cleaning company serving residential and commercial clients in the Fresno-Clovis CA area since 1975. They are currently accepting new clients. Please visit their website for more information:

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Cleaning Tip: Windows – Make Them Shine!

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It’s that time of year again when I’m opening my curtains and blinds to enjoy the sunshine. And … YIKES! … I’m really seeing the need to wash my dirty windows!

Right now they don’t sparkle, they don’t shine. Time to fix that!

Getting it done

Mini Mops uses rags that we call “shine” rags – they are recycled surgical towels (completely sanitized before we even get them), and they’re completely lint-free. These are the rags I’m going to use to dry and polish my windows to make them shine.

By the way, these shine rags also work great on mirrors, granite counters … anything that you want to sparkle.

But first, to actually clean the windows, I’m going to use a “scrub” rag (100% cotton terry-cloth) and really wash the dirt and grime off.

On the exterior side of the glass, where it’s extra dirty, I’m going to use a little dish soap in a bucket of hot water … swish the scrub rag around in the bucket, squeeze out most of the excess water, and then wash the dirt off the window.

Then I’m going to rinse the windows with a solution of hot water and vinegar, using a clean rag to rinse away all of the dirt and soap.

Finally, the shine rag to dry and polish the windows.

On the interior, I can probably skip the soap and go straight for the vinegar solution since the inside doesn’t get as dirty as the outside. I mean, really, the outside is where most of the actual dirt is … right?

Of course, the biggest chore is drying to a shine without streaks! I like to use vertical wiping motions on the exterior and horizontal on the interior. That way if I get a streak, I know which side of the glass it’s on.

These tips are strictly DIY

Now, these tips and methods are strictly for the Do-It-Yourselfer. I’m not a professional window cleaner by any means, and they probably don’t use my methods.

You’ll notice that I’m not using a squeegee, for instance, and most professional window cleaners wouldn’t leave home without theirs.

But my old-fashioned way will get the job done.

Notice I also won’t be using any store-bought glass cleaner. Vinegar works great, and I can get an entire gallon jug for just a few dollars.

Know when to hire a professional

Just writing about cleaning windows has made me tired! It will take me several hours to do all the windows in my house, and my house is average with not too many windows!

What would I suggest to a client who asked about his or her windows?

If the client needed just one or two done – like the window over the kitchen sink, or a sliding glass door — I would have our Mini Mops crew do it, even though we don’t typically do lots of windows.

For the whole house, I would recommend calling a professional.

So maybe I should take my own advice!

Is it worth it to me to pay someone to get the job done (and let’s be honest, a professional WILL do a better job of it than I will) and have those several hours that I would have spent washing windows now free to do something else?

You know, I think it IS worth it!

Do you know a professional, experienced, insured window washer in the Fresno CA area? If so, I’d love an introduction … please call Mini Mops at (559) 264-6677 and leave their contact information.

Mini Mops, Inc. is a professional house cleaning company serving residential and commercial clients in the Fresno-Clovis CA area since 1975. They are currently accepting new clients. Please visit their website for more information:

To mop, or not to mop? That is the question …

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To mis-quote Shakespeare’s Hamlet:  “To mop, or not to mop? That IS the question!”

An interesting question for us, given that our company name is Mini MOPS. Actually, we use mops very infrequently. Most of the time, we scrub floors on our hands and knees using a scrub brush … we find that the floor gets much cleaner this way!

Floors in the kitchen and bathroom get dirty … sometimes, VERY dirty! When these floors are tile (with grout) or vinyl (with texture), they can be hard to clean with just a mop. The grout between the tiles and the texture of the vinyl flooring can trap dirt, and if you’re using a mop, then water from the mop can also get trapped.

But if you’re on your hands and knees scrubbing that floor with a scrub brush, then rinsing with a rag and drying with another rag … well, you can imagine how much cleaner the floor will be when you’re done!

Now, if your house has a LOT of tile flooring, sometimes it makes sense to mop the larger areas, or the areas that don’t see much traffic. But the bathrooms and kitchen, especially the work area of the kitchen, really benefit from the scrubbing on hands and knees!

Does this seem old-fashioned to you? Well, yes, it is! Sometimes the old ways really are the best ways!

But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it on your own! Call Mini Mops, Inc. … we’re here to help!

Happy Ending to housecleaning tale of Woman vs. Dirty Shower

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So here’s an update to my friend’s battle with her grungy shower …

If you’ll remember, she came to me for a suggestion on how to clean a shower with black grout and lots of soap scum. She disclosed that her shower was so disgusting that she wasn’t even using it anymore, using the shower that she very much dislikes in the front bathroom rather than the shower in her master bathroom. It wasn’t for lack of her trying that the shower was so dirty … she had spent a “fortune” (her choice of words) on cleaning chemicals and concoctions that promised a clean shower, only to find that they didn’t seem to work on her dirty shower.

So I revealed our Mini Mops, Inc. secret weapons — bleach for the black grout (which I diagnosed as mold/mildew) and a stainless-steel scrubber for the soap scum on the shower tile. Please see our previous post “Cleaning Tips for a Dirty Shower” — — for my exact directions on how to clean dirty grout and how to get soap scum off of shower tile.

I saw this friend again recently, and she was proud to tell me that she had conquered her shower and had been victorious over the black grout! She is now a big fan of bleach and won’t be wasting her money on the “miracle” chemicals any more. The only easier way to get a clean shower would be to hire Mini Mops to clean it for her!

Her husband definitely noticed the shower, too, and thanked her for doing such a great job on getting it so clean. How great for her … a clean shower and a happy, appreciative husband. Truly a happy ending! I’m glad I had some Mini Mops advice to impart and honored to be a small part of this particular happy ending.

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Cleaning Tips for a Dirty Shower

Last week a friend of mine, knowing what type of business I run, asked if she could ask me a random question. Of course, I said, “Sure!”

“Do you clean showers?” she asked.

“Sure we do,” I replied. I have to admit I was a bit curious. Did she think a housecleaning service would clean the house but leave a shower dirty? But maybe this was just her way of leading into the heart of what she really wanted to know.

“How about the grout between the tiles?”

“Absolutely!” I said. Her eventual destination was becoming clearer.

“My shower is so bad that I’ve stopped using it!” she said. “I’m using the shower in the front bathroom, and I don’t like it, but at least it’s better than my shower! I’ve tried everything, and it’s still disgusting!”

There it was … the “ah-ha” moment! I knew I could suggest something to help, but I needed some details.

“In what way is it so dirty?” I asked.

“The grout is black!” she said. “And there’s soap scum all over the tiles that I can’t get rid of. I’ve spent a fortune trying all the different chemicals, but none of them work!”

I assured my friend that she wasn’t alone in her battle with shower soap scum and dirty grout. We come across stories like hers all the time. I also told her to stop wasting her money on expensive chemicals. What she really needed was simple elbow grease.

For the soap scum on the tile, I suggested a stainless steel scrubber — the kind that looks like a ball of tinsel scrunched up in little loops. I told her to use that on the tile when it’s dry. That’s the secret to really getting rid of the soap scum. When it’s wet it likes to grab onto the tile and not let go, but when it’s dry, it just scrubs right off. Now, it’s definitely not an easy job, even when dry. It takes a lot of muscle and elbow grease, especially if there’s a LOT of soap scum. It also gets rather dusty and dirty; we professionals always wear a dust mask over our noses and mouths to avoid breathing in the soap dust.

For the currently “black” grout (it’s supposed to be smooth, white grout), I told her it sounded like a type of mold or mildew. Without looking at it, I couldn’t be completely sure, of course. But I told her that if it was, in fact, a mold or mildew then her best bet was to kill it with bleach. Straight bleach. Put it in a spray bottle and squirt it on every line of grout that’s black. Then let it sit for awhile. Leave the fan running, close the door, and let the bleach kill the mold organisms. Then come back and, more elbow grease, scrub it out with a grout brush or a firm toothbrush. I told her that this would clean the mold if it was still on top of the grout. We’ve seen some cases where the mold has grown back behind the grout, and unfortunately, all the scrubbing in the world isn’t going to get that grout clean (for those cases, you have to actually remove the grout, kill the mold between the tiles with bleach or acid, and re-grout).

After she had the soap scum removed and the mold/mildew of the grout killed and scrubbed away, only then, I told her, can she use her favorite cleaning product to do a final clean to the shower.

I suggested one final step that we at Mini Mops save for just the very worst cases, and that is to rinse the shower with hot vinegar water to remove all the residue of the cleaning products. (We use vinegar for lots of things, and I think it’s great! Watch for future posts about other uses for vinegar.)

My friend was grateful for the tips, and I was happy to help. I didn’t ask her exactly how much she had spent or which particular products she had tried, but I certainly thought about it later … she could have saved herself some money, some time, and especially some aggravation if she had only thought to hire a professional housecleaning service to come in and clean her problem shower.

There’s no shame in not knowing how to triumph over soap scum and dirty grout (hey, there’s lots of things I’m not great at!), and there’s certainly no shame in hiring professionals to do the jobs that you can’t — or don’t want — to do. It’s what we DO … we’d better be better than your average person when it comes to cleaning!

Next time, I hope she’ll just call me and let me send one of our Mini Mops crews in to help her. I think she’d find our hourly fee to be worth it to save her time and effort, and I think she’d be SO happy with the results! I think you would be, too! If you live in the Fresno-Clovis area of California, Mini Mops is just a phone call away. Call us, and see how great your shower can look!

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