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Time to Keep Those Resolutions

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How are you doing on those New Year’s Resolutions?

At the beginning of the year, many of us resolve to do things differently. We’ll eat better, exercise more, be more organized, whatever…

The common thread behind most resolutions is that they take TIME to keep. It takes time to shop for and then prepare healthy food. It takes time to go to the gym and exercise. It takes time to keep things properly organized.

So the question isn’t really whether you’re committed to keeping those resolutions; the question is how to find the TIME to keep them!

OK, so how do you create extra time?

One way is to delegate some of the things that take up your time to others. Can someone else do the shopping? The yard work? The house cleaning? Maybe you can hire someone to pay the bills and keep your finances in order.

Businesses call this outsourcing. The busy homeowner calls it extra time!

Getting professional help makes sense on many levels. The tasks are done well, sometimes even better than you could do yourself. AND you have the extra time to do the other things that are important to you!

Of course, you want to thoroughly check out the person or company you hire to help you. Ask for references, and make sure they are qualified to do what you are asking them to do. If it’s a company, make sure they are insured so that you aren’t liable if something were to happen. If it’s an individual, check with your own insurance company to make sure you’re covered if something were to happen.

Once you’ve crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s, enjoy the extra time you’ve created for yourself … and keep those resolutions!

Mini Mops, Inc. is a professional house cleaning company serving residential and commercial clients in the Fresno-Clovis CA area since 1975. They are currently accepting new clients. Please visit their website for more information:


What’s YOUR resolution for the new year?

Happy New Year!

Many people make resolutions for things they want to do or accomplish during the new year … are you one of these people? Is your list long or short? Work/career related or home/family related? Or balanced with a little of everything?

Mini Mops, Inc. is a professional housecleaning service company, so if your list of resolutions includes statements like “I’m going to lose 20 pounds in 2011,” or “I’m going to get a better job,” or “I’m going to spend more time with my family,” you might not think Mini Mops has anything to offer to help you with those resolutions. But maybe we do…

Most resolutions involve a commitment of at least a little personal time. Now, Mini Mops certainly can’t create more time in the day for you (we don’t know of anyone who can actually give you more than the 24 hours in a day that we all have), but we CAN help you reallocate the time you have.

For example, if you want to lose 20 pounds, you may be resolving to exercise more. Would it be safe to say that you might want to exercise 30 minutes four times a week? That’s two hours that you need to reallocate each week to accomplish your goal.

So how many hours do you spend each week cleaning your home? If you hired Mini Mops for one hour every other week, you’d have four hours that you wouldn’t have to spend cleaning! What kind of math gives you four hours for a one-hour investment? The Mini Mops kind! Since Mini Mops sends a four-person crew to do your cleaning, you’re actually getting four labor hours for our one billable hour of time.

That’s four more hours that you can now spend exercising to lose weight … four hours that you can spend making connections that will lead to a better job … four hours that you can spend with your family. Four more hours to reallocate to whatever your own new year’s resolution may be.

And if you need more time? Hire Mini Mops for a longer amount of time and have the crew do even more of your house cleaning for you!

Mini Mops, Inc. has been providing exceptional house cleaning for clients in the Fresno, CA – Clovis, CA area since 1975. Call us today to find out how WE CAN HELP YOU, TOO!

Giving the Gift of TIME

With ten days before Christmas, gifts are on the minds of many people right now. Most of us have been checking our lists (maybe even checking them twice) and are hoping that the gifts we give will be appreciated and enjoyed by those who receive them.

Sometimes finding that “perfect” gift can be a challenge … but what if you could give someone the gift of time? Extra time for the things that are important to them, extra time to do what they enjoy. How perfect would that be?

One way to give someone the gift of time is to do a task for them, something that they would normally have to do themselves. If you are doing that task, they now have the time that they would have spent on it to do something else. House cleaning is a great example of this! If you do four hours of house cleaning for someone, that’s four hours that they now have for something else. The cleaning still gets done, but they don’t have to spend their precious time doing it.

But this idea only works if YOU have the time to do it! Unless …

Unless you hire someone to do it for you!

We’re all familiar with how this works. We hire people to change the oil in our cars, we hire people to mow our grass and trim our trees, we hire people to maintain our pools, we hire people to cut our hair, paint our nails, prepare our food, make our coffee … clean our homes.

Hiring someone to clean your home is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and really shouldn’t be made for someone else. But how about a gift certificate for a “sampler” service? Perhaps a gift certificate for a minimum amount of time so that your special someone can get a taste of what a house cleaning service has to offer.

You can get a gift certificate from Mini Mops, Inc. for as little as one hour of service (and since Mini Mops sends in a crew of four workers, this means you’re actually giving the gift of four hours of extra time). And there’s no obligation to sign up for additional or ongoing service.

Mini Mops, Inc. serves Fresno, CA (and Clovis, CA). If you’re not in our area, check with your local house cleaning services to see if they offer gift certificates.

And while you’re in the spirit of giving, why not give yourself the gift of extra time, too? You’re worth it!

Welcome to My House … talk about priorities!

This is hanging on the wall of a client’s home, and I think it says it all …

Welcome to My House

Some houses try to hide the fact that children shelter there.

Ours boasts of it quite openly; the signs are everywhere,

For smears are on the windows, little smudges on the door,

I should apologize, I guess, for toys strewn on the floor.


But I sat down with (names), and we played and laughed and read.

And if the windows do not shine, their eyes will shine instead.

And when at times I’m forced to choose the one job or the other,

I’d like to be a housewife, but first I’ll be a mother!


This client doesn’t sacrifice having a clean home … we help her with that! She has decided that her children deserve to have her attention more than her house does. We take care of the cleaning, so she has more time to spend with her kids!

This is why we’re still in business after 35 years! This makes it all worth while! Thanks, Ms. Client, for allowing me to share your poem!

How Much is an HOUR of YOUR TIME Worth?

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Here’s some food for thought … How much is an hour of YOUR TIME worth to you?

Some people who work for an hourly wage may use that as an indication of what their time is worth. Or if you provide a professional service — attorney, accountant, etc. — you may consider your hourly fee to be what your time is worth. But think about it, that’s what your time is worth to your employer or your clients! What is your personal time worth? TO YOU!

Would you spend $50 to gain an extra hour of personal time? $100? $200?

What would you spend to gain four hours? Six hours? Eight?

The beauty of hiring someone to “do your dirty work” is twofold: not only do you not have to do it, but you also gain extra personal time to do something else! A win-win!

So to put this into perspective, let’s consider an average Mini Mops, Inc. client … 

They hire Mini Mops, Inc. to clean their house. They have us come once a month for an hour and a half. Since Mini Mops sends in a crew of four workers, that’s the equivalent of SIX hours that they don’t have to spend cleaning their own house — SIX hours that they have gained to do something else that they love!

Or consider the client who hires Mini Mops, Inc. to come every other week for just an hour each time. That’s EIGHT hours of personal time each month that they have received … on top of a clean house in which to enjoy that extra time!

At our current hourly rate of $125, the client who hired Mini Mops for an hour and a half paid just $187.50 for her clean house and six extra hours of personal time. The other hypothetical client paid $250 for a clean house and eight extra hours of personal time.

So it all comes down to this …

First, do you want some extra personal time?

Second, what would you pay to get it?

Third, what are you waiting for?

Contact Mini Mops, Inc. NOW to become a client and reclaim your own extra personal time! E-mail us at or call us at (559) 264-6677 during office hours.

And be sure to visit our website for more information about Mini Mops, Inc.

**Sorry — if you live out of our service area (Fresno, CA and surrounding areas), you will have to do a bit of research and find a quality house cleaning service in your own area!

It’s about TIME

So, why do people hire a housecleaning service anyway? How has Mini Mops, Inc. stayed in business since 1975? It’s all about TIME.

When you hire a housecleaning service, you pay us for a certain amount of time that we work cleaning your house … Guess what? That is the time that you give yourself to do something else!

For example, say you hire Mini Mops, Inc. to spend just one hour cleaning your house every two weeks. Mini Mops sends a crew of four workers, so you’re really getting four hours of work done each time they come … which means you have given yourself an extra eight hours each month to do something other than cleaning your house! What could YOU do with an extra eight hours?

This is the “secret” that our clients have discovered: Mini Mops, Inc. gives you more than just a clean house … we give you the gift of TIME!

*Please leave us a comment and tell us what YOU do (or would do) with the extra time you gain from hiring a housecleaning service. Thank you!

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