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3 Ways to Get Someone Else to Pay for Your House Cleaning

Mini Mops House Cleaning suggests 3 Ways to Get Someone Else to Pay for Your House CleaningHave you ever met someone for lunch, and then had them pick up the tab?

What a treat! Am I right?

So imagine how it feels when someone picks up the tab for your house cleaning …

Here are three ways you can get that to happen:

#1 – A Disability or Worker’s Comp Claim

If you are truly physically unable to perform basic housecleaning tasks, you may be able to get your insurance claim to include professional house cleaning.

Ask for it!

The worst that can happen is that your request is denied. But you just may get lucky and get a “yes.”

#2 – A Homeowner’s Insurance Claim

If disaster strikes, and you’ve filed a homeowner’s insurance claim to repair the damage to your home, you may have coverage that includes a post-repair final cleanup, too.


Coverages vary greatly from policy to policy, so this is something you have to ask about in regards to your own homeowner’s coverage. But, again, it’s worth asking the question.

#3 – A Gift Certificate

People give gift certificates for numerous occasions:

• Birthdays
• Holidays
• Mother’s Day
• Congratulations
• New Baby
• Get Well

The list can go on …

Your friends and family may be stumped as to what to get you. Or maybe what they think you’ll like and what you really want are very different things.

Give them a break.

Ask for what you want!

Very often, they will be relieved and happy that you did.

The common thread in getting someone else to pay for your house cleaning is to ask.

If you never ask, the answer always will be “no.” But if you do ask, sometimes you’ll get a “yes.”

Mini Mops, Inc. is a professional house cleaning company serving residential and commercial clients in the Fresno-Clovis CA area since 1975. Gift certificates are available, and they are currently accepting new clients. Please visit their website for more information:


Giving the Gift of TIME

With ten days before Christmas, gifts are on the minds of many people right now. Most of us have been checking our lists (maybe even checking them twice) and are hoping that the gifts we give will be appreciated and enjoyed by those who receive them.

Sometimes finding that “perfect” gift can be a challenge … but what if you could give someone the gift of time? Extra time for the things that are important to them, extra time to do what they enjoy. How perfect would that be?

One way to give someone the gift of time is to do a task for them, something that they would normally have to do themselves. If you are doing that task, they now have the time that they would have spent on it to do something else. House cleaning is a great example of this! If you do four hours of house cleaning for someone, that’s four hours that they now have for something else. The cleaning still gets done, but they don’t have to spend their precious time doing it.

But this idea only works if YOU have the time to do it! Unless …

Unless you hire someone to do it for you!

We’re all familiar with how this works. We hire people to change the oil in our cars, we hire people to mow our grass and trim our trees, we hire people to maintain our pools, we hire people to cut our hair, paint our nails, prepare our food, make our coffee … clean our homes.

Hiring someone to clean your home is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and really shouldn’t be made for someone else. But how about a gift certificate for a “sampler” service? Perhaps a gift certificate for a minimum amount of time so that your special someone can get a taste of what a house cleaning service has to offer.

You can get a gift certificate from Mini Mops, Inc. for as little as one hour of service (and since Mini Mops sends in a crew of four workers, this means you’re actually giving the gift of four hours of extra time). And there’s no obligation to sign up for additional or ongoing service.

Mini Mops, Inc. serves Fresno, CA (and Clovis, CA). If you’re not in our area, check with your local house cleaning services to see if they offer gift certificates.

And while you’re in the spirit of giving, why not give yourself the gift of extra time, too? You’re worth it!

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