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Do YOU do windows?

Posted in Mini Mops, Inc. by Michele Peterson on August 15, 2011
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As a professional house cleaning company, we at Mini Mops, Inc. get asked frequently,
“Do you do windows?”

For Mini Mops, the answer is “No, but we can provide a referral to a quality company that specializes in that.”

So why wouldn’t a house cleaning company do windows? For most residential clients, getting the windows cleaned is something that happens once or twice, maybe three times, a year. On the other hand, most residential clients have their homes cleaned once a month, if not even more frequently. Our house cleaners are very good at what they do every day — cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, scrubbing the floors and toilets, vacuuming the floors and furniture, dusting, etc. — but they’re not as proficient at what is for us the occasional task of window cleaning.

Cleaning windows is a very specific specialty, and good window cleaners have it down to an art as well as a science. It’s what they do every day, and what they are very good at. They are the experts.

We at Mini Mops, Inc. believe in knowing our own strengths as well as in knowing when to call in experts in other specialties. We don’t try to be the “jack of all trades.” We would rather focus on what we do and do it exceptionally well, and then share the referrals with other experts in their respective fields.

The emphasis here is on other “experts” in their respective fields. Mini Mops, Inc. won’t jeopardize our good name by referring our clients to a company that we haven’t researched. We have high standards for our own work, and those same high standards apply to our referral partners.

Our clients deserve nothing less than the best, and we want to give it to them … even if that means referring specialty work to another company.

Mini Mops, Inc. is a professional house cleaning company serving residential and commercial clients in the Fresno-Clovis CA area since 1975. They are currently accepting new clients. Please visit their website for more information:


For a Cleaner, Greener Home … Mix Your Own Cleaning Products

Posted in Cleaning Tips,Mini Mops, Inc. by Michele Peterson on March 29, 2010
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How many bottles of cleaning products do you have in your home? Count them all — under the kitchen sink, in the garage, in the laundry room — wherever you store your cleaning supplies. So how many are there? How many do you go through in a year?

Have you considered that you could save money AND reduce the number of bottles going through your hands by mixing your own cleaning products? If you’re already doing this … good for you! If you’re not, read on.

There are some very basic — AND EFFECTIVE — cleaners that you can mix yourself. By mixing your own cleaners from these basic ingredients, you will have the satisfaction of having a clean house and knowing that you accomplished it using a greener alternative that is better for the planet.

For example, at Mini Mops, Inc. we mix our own disinfecting/cleaning solution using bleach, powdered detergent with baking soda, and water. We buy the ingredients in bulk (except for the water — that’s still free). We mix the ingredients in re-used gallon jugs. Then we put our “Bleach Mix” in re-fillable, re-usable spray bottles. We refill our spray bottles an average of 50 times (sometimes much more than this) before they need to be replaced. That’s 50 fewer spray bottles into the garbage — or recycling — can. Fifty fewer replacement spray bottles that need to be manufactured.

Now, bleach IS a pollutant. But it’s also a highly effective disinfecting cleaning agent. So if used responsibly along with other green cleaning efforts, you’re still doing your part (and Mini Mops, Inc. is doing its part) to protect the planet.

One of my very favorite green cleaning ingredients is vinegar. Plain, white vinegar. Mix it with hot water, and you can use it to clean windows, mirrors, glass tables, shower doors, and FLOORS! Vinegar also is a fantastic deodorizer!

The Mini Mops, Inc. crews use gallons and gallons of vinegar each month. But a single gallon of vinegar, properly mixed with water, should last an average household six to eight weeks. At well under $5 a gallon (I think I paid $2.19 per gallon this month), vinegar is a must-have for anyone serious about economical as well as ecological cleaning.

Baking soda, liquid soap, salt and hydrogen peroxide are other basic, green ingredients that you can use to mix your own cleaners. Do a little research, and you’ll find dozens of “recipes” out there. Why not try some?

If you find one you like, pass it along to your family and friends. And be sure to let me know about it, too! Send me an e-mail to or click on “Leave a Comment” below to submit your comment for publication to this post.

Thanks — I look forward to hearing about your green cleaning efforts! 🙂

Do YOU do windows?

Posted in Cleaning Tips by Michele Peterson on February 22, 2010
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So now that I’m opening my curtains and blinds to enjoy the sunshine (although there hasn’t been that much in the last couple of days, but, hey, I like the rain, too … rainy days have their own special beauty), I’m really seeing the need to wash my dirty windows!

At Mini Mops, we’ve got rags that we call “shine” rags. They are recycled surgical towels (completely sanitized before we even get them), and they’re completely lint-free. These are the rags that I’m going to use to dry and polish my windows to make them shine. You can see why we call them “shine” rags! 🙂 By the way, they also work great on mirrors, granite counters, anything that you want to sparkle.

But first, to actually clean the windows, I’m going to use a “scrub” rag (100% cotton terry-cloth) and really wash the dirt and grime off. On the exterior side of the glass, where it’s extra dirty, I’m going to use a little dish soap in a bucket of hot water … swish the scrub rag around in the bucket, squeeze out most of the excess water, and then wash the dirt off the window. Then I’m going to rinse the windows with a solution of hot water and vinegar, using a clean rag to rinse away all of the dirt and soap. Finally, the shine rag to dry and polish the windows.

On the interior, I can probably skip the soap and go straight for the vinegar solution since the inside doesn’t get as dirty as the outside. I mean, really, the outside is where most of the actual dirt is … right? Of course, the biggest chore is drying to a shine without streaks! 

Now, I’m not a professional window cleaner by any means, and they probably don’t use my methods. You’ll notice that I’m not using a squeegee, for instance, and most professional window cleaners wouldn’t leave home without theirs. But my old-fashioned way will get the job done. Notice I also won’t be using any store-bought glass cleaner. Vinegar works great, and I can get an entire gallon jug for just a few dollars.

Just writing about cleaning windows has made me tired! It will take me several hours to do all the windows in my house, and my house is average with not too many windows! What would I suggest to a client who asked about his or her windows?

If the client needed just one or two done — like the window over the kitchen sink, or a sliding glass door — I would have our Mini Mops crew do it, even though we don’t typically do lots of windows. For the whole house, I would recommend calling a professional.

So maybe I should take my own advice? Is it worth it to me to pay someone to get the job done (and let’s be honest, a professional WILL do a better job of it than I will) and have those several hours that I would have spent washing windows now free to do something else? You know, I think it IS worth it!

At Mini Mops, we recommend Chad Hudson, owner of Hudson’s Window Cleaning. His number is (559) 940-3330. I think I’ll call him … maybe you should, too!

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