Mini Mops, Inc. ~ Exceptional House Cleaning since 1975

It’s about TIME

So, why do people hire a housecleaning service anyway? How has Mini Mops, Inc. stayed in business since 1975? It’s all about TIME.

When you hire a housecleaning service, you pay us for a certain amount of time that we work cleaning your house … Guess what? That is the time that you give yourself to do something else!

For example, say you hire Mini Mops, Inc. to spend just one hour cleaning your house every two weeks. Mini Mops sends a crew of four workers, so you’re really getting four hours of work done each time they come … which means you have given yourself an extra eight hours each month to do something other than cleaning your house! What could YOU do with an extra eight hours?

This is the “secret” that our clients have discovered: Mini Mops, Inc. gives you more than just a clean house … we give you the gift of TIME!

*Please leave us a comment and tell us what YOU do (or would do) with the extra time you gain from hiring a housecleaning service. Thank you!


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